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 About us , we started with offering Studex ear piercing in 2019, once we become more busy and customer wanted second pairs, we started selling jewellery. out jewlarry selection carefully selected.

Ear Piercing London

About Piercing , We are based in North West London where we offer ear piercings, we are qualified by Studex UK 
We use the Studex system 75 and system 75 plus. We have a range of piercing stud materials, including; 18crt gold, 14crt gold, 9crt gold 24crt gold plated, stainless and titanium. We have 10’s of designs including real diamond that come with an authentication certificate. All Studex earrings are good for sensitive ears, however, titanium might be needed for extream sensitively.

About our prices, pricings are based on the material chosen, and all ear piercings including a 50ml bottle of Aftercare solution.

About Aftercare , Aftercare needs to be used for 6 to 8 weeks after treatment. If you want to get this done quicker, we offer the Studex Advanced Aftercare Lotion, this will do the treatment in 3 to 4 weeks. While using the Aftercare you will need to keep the piercing studs in your ear.

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