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YK Beauty FAQ

As part of the piercing process, YKBeauty will take you through the aftercare steps both before and then after the piercing.

We know that with the anticipation and excitement of getting your new piercing, you may not be paying full attention, so we will provide you with a copy of the daily steps to follow and some key “Dos and Don’ts”.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing site and try to avoid playing with the jewellery in between the cleaning.  Bacteria can be introduced to the piercing site if you haven’t washed your hands prior to touching.

You should be cleaning the piercing area two to three times per day with the solution provided with your piercing.  Make sure you are cleaning properly around the front and back of the jewellery.  You can use a cotton wool pad to make sure that you are really cleaning effectively. 

Remember to rotate your jewellery with little half turns, about 180◦ left and 180◦ right with clean hands when you are cleaning.  Don’t spin them fully round as this could cause long hair to become wrapped around the post.

You must follow the aftercare steps for the whole duration of the healing time:

6 weeks for ear lobes ,12 weeks for cartilage piercing

Please do not push the butterfly back on earrings along the post.  It may be tempting to move them closer to the back of the ear lobe, but this can lead to problems with swelling and embedding.  Rest assured that the butterfly back is positioned in exactly the right place at the time of piercing to allow the correct spacing for optimum healing.

After following the aftercare steps for the recommended timeframes, you can carefully remove your piercing jewellery and clean the site thoroughly front and back.  You should then make sure that you put jewellery back in to prevent the hole from closing:

Ear piercing – you can choose to put your piercing earrings back in or swap them for another pair of post-style, hypoallergenic earrings such as some from the Sensitive or Tinytips ranges. 

You should not wear hoops or hook style earrings straight after the 6 / 12 weeks as this can affect how the piercing continues to heal.

In order to maintain the safe healing, you should keep jewellery in for 6 months for lobe piercing, 12 months for cartilage.  We can all heal at a different rate and we would hate for your new piercing to close, which it can within a few days without wearing jewellery.

Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo and other preparations away from the ear. After shampooing, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then cleansed with your Studex Aftercare product.


If using the Studex ADVANCED Piercing Aftercare follow aftercare steps for 3 weeks for the ear lobe and 8 weeks for the upper flat cartilage before carefully removing the jewellery.

If using Studex After Piercing Lotion; 6 weeks continuously for the ear lobe, 12 weeks for the upper flat cartilage and a minimum of 8 weeks for the nose.

Remember once you have removed the jewellery, you will need to clean the site thoroughly and continue to wear hypoallergenic jewellery continuously to prevent the piercing from closing.

We recommend using straight post (not curved) earrings continuously for the first 6 months from piercing.


Removing the jewellery too soon could affect the healthy healing of your piercing and you may struggle to reposition after removing. If you are looking to change earrings quicker, Studex ADVANCED is your Aftercare Solution of choice.


On piercing, Studex earrings connect automatically with the butterfly to keep the earrings in place. Locked into a special “notch” the butterfly is designed to stay in place and not move up and down the post, therefore keeping cleaning easy and helping healing. It is really important that you do not move the safety butterfly along the post.

The traditional butterfly back is preferred by Studex due to its easiness to clean and ability to prevent dirt and bacteria from collecting and thus risking infection. After healing the butterflies can be removed. If they appear a little stiff, simply apply solution and twist to ease before releasing.

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