Studex 9ct White Gold Tiff. 8 Point Genuine Diamond – Premium Package


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Brand: Studex

This premium package offers a stunning pair of earrings crafted from 9ct white gold, featuring a sophisticated design with a claw setting to showcase a genuine 8-point diamond in each earring. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures a timeless and elegant appeal.

Included in this exclusive package are the following components:

1. **Earrings:**
– Material: 9ct White Gold
– Setting: Claw setting for a secure and refined display.
– Gemstone: Genuine 8-point Diamond in each earring.

2. **Accessories:**
– **Organza Bag:** A delicate and stylish bag to protect and store the earrings.
– **Certificate of Authenticity:** Providing assurance of the genuine nature of the diamonds.
– **Black Earring Box:** A sophisticated box to present and store the earrings securely.
– **9ct Gold Butterflies:** High-quality gold butterflies included for the customer’s convenience.

3. **Packaging:**
– Each pair of earrings is meticulously packaged in individual pre-sterilized cartridges, ensuring cleanliness and a professional presentation.

This premium package not only delivers a stunning piece of jewelry but also emphasizes attention to detail and a commitment to quality. It makes for a perfect gift or a special addition to any collection, combining elegance with authenticity.

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