Studex Advanced Aftercare Piercing Lotion 100ml


Change your Ear Lobe piercing in 3 weeks (not 6)

Change your Cartilage piercing in 8 weeks (not 12)

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Brand: Studex

Studex presents Studex Advanced Aftercare Piercing Lotion the latest technology in post piercing aftercare.

As part of the piercing process, your Technician will take you through the aftercare steps both before and then after the piercing.

We know that with the anticipation and excitement of getting your new piercing, you may not be paying full attention, so your Studex piercer will provide you with a copy of the daily steps to follow and some key “Dos and Don’ts”. Follow our guide to looking after your new piercing.

A must for ensuring your piercing is cared for is using a recommended Studex Aftercare Solution.

Newly available for Studex Partners, your technician may stock the  Studex Advanced Aftercare. Promoting accelerated skin recovery for post piercing aftercare with the ability to change your earrings sooner, this revolutionary new aftercare product reduces the risk of redness and inflammation post piercing.

Studex After Piercing Lotion is the alternative for use straight after your new piercing and throughout the healing period. A pH balanced solution, it will act as a flushing agent as well as soothing and promoting healing.

Studex Advanced Aftercare is the next generation of aftercare and cleansing product based upon proven science and dermatological research and development.   Studex ADVANCED contains a unique hypochlorous technology with chemistry that ensures the solution cleans the skin without stinging and closes the pores, sealing the skin for safe skin recovery:

  • Accelerated Skin Recovery
  • Change your Ear Lobe piercing in 3 weeks (not 6)
  • Change your Cartilage piercing in 8 weeks (not 12)
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Minimises redness and inflammation post piercing
  • Skin neutral pH
  • The ultimate in post piercing hygiene
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